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Company Overview
Navatar Group is a leading provider of cloud computing for Wall Street firms, with customers in more than 30 countries. Navatar's financial cloud solutions for capital markets, asset management & banking are used by leading banks and financial institutions worldwide. One of the top ISV partners of salesforce.com, Navatar is headquartered on Wall Street, New York with offices in New Delhi, India. We pioneered the concept of cloud products where customers don’t pay anything for implementation or support services.
Our History
The Navatar founders, Deloitte Consulting veterans, had years of experience delivering solutions to large Financial Services firms. Navatar was born in 2004, when the founders saw the potential in the Cloud and became early partners with salesforce.com. The Wall Street office was established to bring high quality CRM services to the SMB market. Navatar’s consulting practice flourished during the next couple of years.
True Cloud Architecture arrived in 2007 with Force.com and salesforce.com commissioned Navatar as an OEM partner to build and market products for the Financial Sector. It provided Navatar the opportunity to build a recurring revenue stream – the opportunity to transition from a systems integrator to a Cloud ISV.
Developing the first Cloud products for Capital Markets and Private Equity proved relatively straightforward. However, the first few customers taught Navatar some important lessons about multi-tenancy, value proposition, customer expectations and the need for cost containment. It was becoming clear that a different strategy was needed.
The product suite expanded to include Mergers & Acquisitions, Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds, while Navatar began redefining the value proposition of the offerings. Managing the trade-offs related to multi-tenancy became one of the primary focus areas. To contain costs, the product sales, product management and product support teams were set up in Navatar’s New Delhi (India) office.
The initial targets were the SMB firms in financial services, which had been used to dealing with on premise products. They reaffirmed Navatar’s assumptions and started responding to a very different value proposition, pricing and service levels from the on premise vendors.
In the meantime, other ISVs looking for a cloud play and struggling with similar issues, needed advice and help. As Navatar started helping them, a new practice to help ISVs build, launch, sell and support their products, was created.
The initial focus was on the SMB market – however, after the first 100 customers, larger financial firms started noticing Navatar. Big names such as Jefferies & Co., PNC Bank, M&T Bank, usually reliant on their IT departments, started signing up for the Navatar service. In a short timeframe, Navatar has become the leading Cloud provider for financial firms such as Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Brokerage firms, Private Equity firms, Investment Banks and M&A Advisory firms. Their Cloud products, built on the Force.com platform, are replacing expensive on premise products from larger, established ISVs.
The Cloud has enabled the Navatar team, split between the US and India, to sign up eminent financial firms in more than 30 countries. Customers, geographies and partners have been rapidly adding depth and breadth to the product suite. In addition, the Navatar planning team has been working on cloud products in various other areas in the financial sector.
A financial firm benefits since they can get going with an application completely customized to their needs, while paying as little as the price of a coffee per user every day! They don’t have to pay for any implementation, systems integration, training, maintenance support, or upgrades – typically big expense items.
Please contact us at 212 461 2140 or sales@navatargroup.com. We would love to hear from you.
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