Will Google’s cloud-based email platform eventually kill MS office? We don’t know, but companies have surely started looking at Google’s platform more closely. Leena Rao of Techcrunch points out in a recent article that Google struck a partnership with Valeo, an automotive components manufacturer, to deploy Google Apps on the company’s entire global workforce of about 30,000 internet-using employees. We already know about Genentech adopting the Google cloud platform for 20,000 users.

It will take some time before large companies start replacing MS Office. However as third parties create more commercial products in the cloud that are tightly integrated with Google Gmail, docs, calendar etc, we may see more organizations considering the switch from Office to the Google platform. We will be testing the waters soon with Navatar’s Financial Services products for Force.com, taking advantage of the tight partnership between Google and salesforce.com.

Stay tuned!

Alok Misra