U.S. markets were down nearly 3 percent today amid continuing worries about China. When asked by Bloomberg TV to describe in a word what’s going on, James Bianco of Bianco Research said this: “Uncertainty and Fear.”

It looks like this latest round of market volatility may be with us for a while.

If you’re an advisor, check out our newest feature, VAX. The Navatar VAX Rating gives advisors and staffs a simple but effective way to capture and manage the real world, real-time anxiety levels of each client. Clients are rated as “highly anxious”, “somewhat anxious”, “somewhat resilient”, or “very resilient” to market volatility events.

This tool enables an advisor to segment the client base and personalize communications based on how reactive and fearful they are to market downturns. And our wealth clients tell us they are fielding lots of calls from worried clients right now.

We are also working on rolling out an institutional version of the VAX feature for hedge funds and other segments.