If you’re part of a Government agency that engages volunteers, you may be interested in this recorded webinar from HandsOn Connect and salesforce.com:

Transforming Government Volunteer Management in the Cloud

In this webinar, you will learn how HandsOn Connect, the volunteer management solution that runs in salesforce.com’s cloud, helps agencies:

  • Manage volunteers and volunteer opportunities
  • Track projects, events, sponsors, and donors
  • Host and manage your public-facing web site
  • Access real-time reports and dashboards for decision support and impact tracking

HandsOn Connect is an out-of-the-box cloud product that requires no hardware or software. Since Navatar built HandsOn Connect, I participated in this webinar. One of the several good questions that an attendee asked me was: What is the advantage of managing volunteers through salesforce.com, as opposed to any other platform?

For answers to this and several other key questions, watch this webinar now:

Transforming Government Volunteer Management in the Cloud

Alok Misra