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Using S&P Capital IQ and Navatar to Boost Business Development for M&A Advisory Firms


Landing clients requires a sustained relationship building effort over multiple years. Good company intelligence coupled with a very disciplined process are key to effective business development. Here’s the good news: Navatar has integrated S&P Capital IQ’s high quality company data with our powerful M&A workflow tools to improve, enrich and accelerate the M&A business development process.

Watch this recorded webinar and learn how the one-two punch of superior data and efficient workflow can power your success in 2016. You will learn how to:

• Create a marketing program for prospects and buyers, using multiple communications channels.

• Build a specialized outbound business development program with a structured process for managing each prospect.

• Leverage powerful tools to cultivate strong relationships with strategic and financial buyers.

• Consolidate all the key tools into a single, connected growth platform to make sure you don’t miss key opportunities.

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