JLL Private Funds Advisory Goes High Tech to Boost PERE Fundraising Activities



"Navatar helped us double the amount of active fundraising mandates."

Kai Mende, Managing Director


The 20 member JLL Private Funds Advisory Group uses proprietary investor intelligence with the Navatar platform to link capital with managers and opportunities and has raised more than USD $10 billion globally. It’s on track to grow PERE fundraising 20% each year.


Operating in a hyper-competitive fundraising environment, the Private Funds Advisory team leverages JLL’s global relationships while fostering a nimble, entrepreneurial approach to fundraising.

Successfully running a specialized team inside a big global parent is easier said than done. JLL needed smart technology that could help leverage proprietary investor intelligence across the global real estate network, and route it through state-of-the-art, mobile fundraising tools. They needed technology to create standardized processes across their global offices to efficiently manage mandates, and to manage the arduous compliance requirements across different regulatory jurisdictions.

When JLL turned to Navatar’s Connected Growth Platform for help, they were eyeing aggressive growth targets. They implemented the Navatar product, specifically built for the private placement industry, to streamline the way they do business.


Navatar helped establish a team focus on two key constituents – GPs as well as investors. The system was quickly deployed to integrate JLL’s proprietary investor intelligence with Navatar’s fundraising best practices, to deliver faster results for fund managers and investors.

Navatar has helped establish a well-structured process across their global offices in New York, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney. JLL professionals in different countries collaborate on the mandates, casting a wider net targeting JLL’s global investor network. JLL has relationships with almost all institutional fund managers, which can be leveraged for these mandates.

The JLL Private Funds Advisory team gains strategic advantage from its access to proprietary investor intelligence gathered by the firm’s global network that is directly involved in real estate transactions. They are able to use this investor data, available through Navatar, to target potential investors based on their past investments. The investor intelligence includes invaluable insight into which investors have invested in which funds including the properties they own through those funds.

The ability to combine unparalleled investor intelligence with cutting edge technology has resulted in demonstrably faster and more targeted fundraising for GPs. In addition to speed, accuracy is an important part of the JLL process. With a large volume of activity, including email, phone and in-person meetings, across global locations, no piece of information is trivial and no opportunities must be missed.

Navatar also helps JLL manage compliance issues by tracking regulatory requirements across international jurisdictions and providing sophisticated regulatory compliance reports for each.

JLL Private Funds Advisory is an independent private placement agent with a unique global platform serving the real estate industry across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Working alongside fund managers, the team advises on both creating and raising capital for real estate funds. They manage the process from equity introduction to subscription and final closing.

Navatar PERE

The PERE software that leading firms use to build world-class investor relations, deal sourcing and property management engines.

Learn About Navatar PERE

Navatar PERE

The PERE software that leading firms use to build world-class investor relations, deal sourcing and property management engines.

Learn About Navatar PERE