CRM for Private Markets

Today’s competitive market demands your A-game » which relies on proprietary intelligence » which must be collated from information you acquire from your network.

Navatar harnesses this intelligence for you. You just bring your A-game.

CRM for Private Markets

Today’s competitive market demands your A-game » which relies on proprietary intelligence » which must be collated from information you acquire from your network.

Navatar harnesses this intelligence for you. You just bring your A-game.

Specialized For Your Market

Whether you are a fund investing in one or more asset classes, an investment bank, a corporate development group or a limited partner such as a pension fund or family office, Navatar provides a fully purpose-built product.  Select your market to learn about how we can add value immediately:

Private Equity

Your A-game relies on your ability to connect all information within an investment thesis. This intelligence can help you qualify attractive targets early, leverage subsector relationships strategically, reduce deal evaluation costs and much more. Navatar automatically creates this intelligence to power every activity in the complex value creation process.

Investment Banking

Winning a mandate often depends on your depth of relationships and knowledge within a subsector, sometimes globally. Your A-game relies on your ability to connect every thread of information within that subsector and capitalize on the intelligence, to deliver the best outcomes for clients. Navatar automatically creates this intelligence to power your business development, sponsor coverage and project management activities.

Always-On Intelligence

Your A-game relies on insights around a company, person, deal or topic to be available, whenever and wherever. Navatar mobile is your intelligence assistant you can rely on, whatever your need. It also captures and collates any information you gather in your meetings in the most frictionless way.

You May Be Thinking…

Should we switch CRM systems?

Are your senior professionals logging into CRM? Does your CRM add any value other than generating pipeline/compliance reports? If the answer to those questions is no, you need to switch. Talk to us and we will show you what to expect from a CRM for an alternative assets fund or investment bank and how it should add value to your sedulous day-to-day activities that require intensive research and analysis.

Why do our senior professionals never log into CRM?

They are laser focused all day on high-value conversations and activities that require extensive research. CRM systems require them to constantly punch data, without offering any information that can be useful in their research. Your senior professionals need a CRM platform that acts like a smart assistant, ready to offer relevant insights when needed, without the admin overload. Let us show you the CRM platform tailor-made for what they do.

How should we evaluate a CRM for our firm?

Conventional evaluation is based on features/functions such as contact management, relationship intelligence, pipeline management, etc. The problem with this approach is that most CRM platforms check all boxes, but still end up failing in getting user adoption. You need to ask two simple questions: 1) What value will we get and 2) How much data will we need to enter. Let us show you how you can get 80% value with 20% effort.

Isn't CRM about efficiency?

Most CRM platforms are, in fact, designed to automate processes in order to make them more efficient. However, your Partners/MDs want value, not efficiency.  A CRM platform worth its salt must offer some tangible benefits to your core set of activities centered around creating, qualifying and/or closing deals. Let us show you how Navatar does exactly that by turning your proprietary information into an indispensable asset.

What if Navatar is never adopted by users?

The Navatar platform is specifically designed for busy investment professionals who are not inclined to spend their time punching data into any type of software. Navatar automatically extracts data from everyday productivity tools that your professionals already use, removing the admin burden. Let us show you how your users will still get value from Navatar even if they never enter any information into the system.

What if we already have Salesforce?

Navatar layers seamlessly on top of Salesforce, using most of the existing underlying objects, with minimal disruption. Our platform will transform Salesforce overnight into an impact engine that captures and converts your internal intelligence into a powerful competitive differentiator with minimal user input. Let us show you exactly how.

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