Top 10 Mistakes Architects Make When Building a Application is changing the way software is written and deployed. Companies are realizing the enormous advantages of deploying business applications in very short timeframes without having to invest in hardware, software, and IT infrastructure – let alone the number of people it can take to maintain on-premise solutions. On average, these organizations say they realize 49 percent ROI within only 10 months. Thanks to, building and deploying a SaaS application has never been easier.

However, to realize the ROI, it is essential to understand the SaaS model and the technologies behind it. is a paradigm shift and, as such, requires a very different way of architecting, designing and building your application, to experience success. You must understand these differences upfront and avoid the pitfalls. We provide then the top 10 architecture mistakes to avoid during critical stages of initial decision-making, designing and developing your application.

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