Allegiance Capital Gears Up For Strongest M&A Year 2015, Helped by Navatar’s Investment Banking (M&A) Cloud Platform

David Mahmood has grown Allegiance Capital (@AllCap) into one the most active and dominant middle-market investment banks in the world.  Allegiance has closed on hundreds of transactions ranging up to $150 million in value, through their global network of deal professionals.  Their success can be attributed to Allegiance’s focus on maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset, but also to their embrace of state-of-the-art technology.  Allegiance is now poised for its best year ever complimented by the adoption of Navatar M&A Cloud platform that has resulted in their ability to identify and close deals 20% faster, while doubling their documented pool of qualified buyers.

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Since its launch in 1997, Allegiance has closed hundreds of middle market transactions ranging in value from $10 million to $150 million in a variety of industries that include agriculture, business services, construction, retail, chemicals, energy services, healthcare, manufacturing, technology & telecommunications, and utilities.

In early 2014, Allegiance turned to Navatar M&A Cloud, a platform built specifically for investment banks, which resides on Salesforce. Navatar M&A was implemented throughout the firm to support the most critical functions – marketing, buyer tracking, deal management and activity tracking.

Allegiance has been gearing up for more deal activity in 2015. The firm has not only doubled the number of financial and strategic buyers cataloged in their CRM system, it has significantly expanded its intelligence on those buyers, including their deal activity. With Navatar, Allegiance is better able to provide its clients real-time visibility into their deals, and fully engage them in the process.

“Good technology equates to better intelligence, which is key to getting our clients in front of the right buyers at the right time,” says Shane Mahmood, Vice President of Operations at Allegiance. “Navatar helps us close deals 20% faster, giving us a huge competitive advantage.”

Navatar M&A Cloud enables boutique M&A firms and investment banks develop new business, find the right buyers/sellers as well as manage the entire deal process. It allows them to operate from anywhere – even their clients’, buyers’ or lawyers’ offices – using laptops or mobile devices.  A demo is available at:

“Allegiance Capital has built a solid reputation as a premier bank for middle market M&A. We are proud to help them expand their business and network,” said Alok Misra, Cofounder & Principal, Navatar Group.

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Navatar’s M&A runs entirely in‘s cloud and is available for a low monthly fee.
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Navatar (@navatargroup) is the premier platform for alternative assets and investment banking firms. It is used by hundreds of private equity funds, M&A boutiques, hedge funds, real estate funds, venture capital firms, corporate development groups, wealth managers, private placement and other financial services companies. Navatar’s platform transforms the front office – marketing, investor relations, business development, deal management, deal execution, among other functions. Navatar is built on the Salesforce Platform, leveraging enterprise level security, availability, compliance and mobility capabilities that are critical to financial services.

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About Allegiance Capital

Allegiance Capital Corporation (@AllCap) is a premier private investment bank built with the same entrepreneurial tenacity our clients unleashed to create their own successful businesses. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the Allegiance Capital Corporation team; we can closely relate to our customers.

Drive and “can-do” spirit separates us from most investment banks. We’ve personally experienced many of the same challenges business owners face on a daily basis. We take this operational experience, then combine it with financial acumen and relentless hard work to deliver financial results beyond your expectations.

Through Globalscope, its global network partner, Allegiance Capital Corporation assists companies in every aspect of selling and financing a business, including: debt restructuring, mezzanine financing, executing leveraged buyouts, strategic partnering, consulting and other related services.