‘Force.com As Your Key to the Cloud Kingdom’ Included in CIO Magazine’s Top Reading List

Ever get the nagging feeling there’s something important you’ve overlooked? This book can help make sure you’ve thought everything through before you jump into the cloud.” These comments are excerpted from the March, 2011 CIO Magazine What We’re Reading” list, pertaining to the book “Thinking of… Force.com As Your Key to the Cloud Kingdom.”

Whether you are a CEO or a CTO, Force.com as your key to the Cloud Kingdom is the one book you will need to read, if you are interested in building your business in salesforce.com ‘s cloud.

The book is written by two cloud veterans, Navatar CEO Alok Misra  and Nimbus CEO Ian Gotts. It includes a four page Foreword from Parker Harris, cofounder and executive vice president at salesforce.com.

As the title suggests, the book relentlessly focuses on how to achieve commercial success in the cloud. The authors provide case studies highlighting common errors that ISVs make; such as relying on agile methodologies or assuming multitenancy will automatically happen – errors that can be fatal. They also offer critical insights and recommendations, many of which go against conventional wisdom.

“It’s not necessarily easy to get a quick return on investment from a cloud business,” observed Alok Misra. “This book will serve as a comprehensive guide to help you focus on the critical areas, to achieve commercial success.”


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