‘Moneyball’ Comes to Private Equity Deal Sourcing in Upcoming Navatar and Sutton Place Strategies Webinar

There is a steady increase in deals reviewed annually at private equity firms, but GPs still only capture an average of 17 percent of deal flow matching their investment criteria. Given that deal sourcing is a constant grind and critical to a fund’s long-term success, savvy GPs are utilizing statistics and analytics to tap into an influx of deal flow data in order to better target their efforts for sourcing higher quality deals.

Navatar and Sutton Place Strategies will explore how private equity firms can “Moneyball” their deal origination strategy in an upcoming webinar on Tuesday, November 30th at 1pm eastern time.

Registration is available at: https://www.navatargroup.com/upcoming-webinars/webinar-how-to-moneyball-your-private-equity-deal-sourcing

The discussion, featuring Sutton Place Strategies CEO Nadim Malik, will focus on how new data streams – including data locked inside your own pipeline – are being used by analytical GPs to outthink the competition for better deals.

Further discussion topics include:

  • How to mine and utilize your own deal flow data to drive strategy
  • Should you hire a dedicated business development professional?
  • Using the ‘Sell-Side Process Index’ to better target intermediaries
  • Why ‘mid-tier’ bankers running limited processes deserve your attention

“Adopting a data and analytics based approach is a key ingredient to putting you on the path to winning the World Series of deal sourcing,” said Malik.


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Founded in 2009, Sutton Place Strategies is dedicated to helping investors, corporate buyers, lenders and advisors maximize their business development effectiveness. The firm’s core service, Deal Origination Analytics, is the convergence of actionable data with proprietary technology that is designed to quantify the addressable universe of a client’s target market, serve as a roadmap to improve deal sourcing, and measure progress on a continual basis.