Navatar and ACG Partner on Virtual Roundtable with SEC Staff To Answer Questions on Tougher Private Equity Examinations

Against a backdrop of heightened regulatory scrutiny, Navatar is partnering with the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) to organize a virtual roundtable with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to answer burning questions about today’s tougher private equity examination process.

The roundtable, titled “The SEC Answers Your Burning Questions on Examinations,” will begin at 11am EDT on Wednesday September 21st, 2016. To register, please visit:

Attendees will learn how the SEC’s exam approach to valuation, cybersecurity and fee disclosures has evolved following four years of experience in the industry. Attendees will also be given the opportunity to ask the SEC about recent enforcement cases that have raised concerns about broken deal expenses, accelerated monitoring fees and broker-dealer registration.

Joining the roundtable will be SEC private funds exam specialist and former TPG deputy CCO Maryellen Maurer.

The conversation will be co-moderated by Nicholas Donato of Navatar, the Connected Growth Platform for alternative assets, and April Evans, who is co-chair of ACG’s Private Equity Regulatory Task Force (PERT) as well as CFO and CCO of Monitor Clipper Partners.

The webinar comes at a time when the commission is signaling an uptick in enforcement action. In May, SEC director of enforcement Andrew Ceresney said during a keynote address that the agency would continue to “aggressively” monitor private equity firms for breaches of fiduciary duty.

In late 2014, the commission completed a two-year “presence exam initiative” of the private equity sector. “It’s possible that cases, which take years to build, may continue trickling out of that initiative,” said Nicholas Donato.

To provide registrants a sense of the initiative’s findings, the SEC has delivered a series of speeches and webinars addressing their concerns in the industry. Managers have used these events to refine their compliance policies and procedures, but each enforcement case is firm and fact pattern specific.

“This is why ACG PERT is actively working with the SEC to develop best practices to enable a more comprehensive compliance strategy,” says PERT Co-Chair April Evans.

The upcoming webinar also seeks to address what it means to create a “culture of compliance” and more.

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