Navatar Enables Private Equity And M&A Dealmakers To Closely Monitor Targets With The DataFox Deal Engine

Dealmakers struggling to find and prioritize great deals, monitor tens of thousands of target portfolio companies, and reliant upon emails, phone calls and internet searches to keep watch lists up to date, now have the ability to instantly know when a target company attends an event, opens a new office or hires a C-level executive. Dealmakers can also facilitate more high-touch in-person handshakes with target company executives by identifying events and conferences with the highest “prospect density”.

The ability to track prospects across networking events and immediately know when they undergo a milestone event is made possible by Navatar, the premier dealmakers platform, and DataFox, the leading company intelligence provider. The DataFox Deal Engine is a constantly updating system for surfacing and prioritizing every good deal within Navatar. Available company insights include 40 plus firmographic data points such as location, funding history, and number of employees, as well as DataFox’s proprietary growth “Signals” such as key executive hires, office expansions, and new product launches.

Dealmakers can be instantly notified when an important target company undergoes a significant event by leveraging DataFox Signals. Proprietary relationship management workflows and auto-alerts within Navatar ensure that the most important target companies are reached in a timely manner.

DataFox Conference Intelligence will further provide Navatar users a more holistic picture of which events will have the highest density of their business leads attending. Dealmakers can view their full relationship history with each prospect, track and score target companies based on various touchpoints like email opens and website visits, and rank prospects based on an internal methodology. Top prospects can then be found at specific conferences and events to create in-person interactions.

“The DataFox partnership makes the company data more ‘actionable’ within Navatar,” says Navatar COO Ketan Khandkar.

“To compete for deals and for dollars from their limited partners, firms have identified the need to move beyond spreadsheets and ad-hoc data collection to a more systematic approach aided by cutting-edge technology,” says DataFox CEO Bastiaan Janmaat. “DataFox and Navatar together help firms achieve that.”

A webinar featuring CapX Partners’ Eric Starr and TVC Capital’s Andrew Albert will detail this advanced method of watch list monitoring on May 23rd11am EDT.

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DataFox surfaces, monitors, and prioritizes the best prospects for hundreds of financial firms including Goldman Sachs, Accel Partners, and Warburg Pincus. Since 2013, DataFox has developed a constantly updating, proprietary company database using machine learning and white-glove human analysts. It delivers new prospects and company data directly into client CRMs. Built by alumni of Stanford, Salesforce, Palantir, and Box, DataFox is backed by Goldman Sachs, Google Ventures, Green Visor, and Slack.

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