Navatar Group’s Corporate Development (M&A) Cloud CRM for Improving Deal Sourcing Now Available on’s AppExchange

Corporate buyers, flush with cash, are looking for deals to support growth plans. Navatar Corporate Development CRM now provides an easy way to increase deal flow and expand intermediary relationships, without increasing personnel and overhead.

Used by strategic buyers at firms such as Best Buy, Hearst, Lexmark and Blackberry Partners, Navatar Corporate Development CRM provides the complete corporate M&A solution to build and manage strategic investments. It has built-in processes to manage due diligence steps and multiple reviews, related to evaluation of companies.
Corporate buyers had been looking for a CRM solution which results in more efficient deal flow. Navatar’s solution now delivers it out-of-the-box. It runs entirely in’s cloud and is available for a low monthly fee. It does not require any additional license purchases from A demo is available at:

Navatar pioneered the concept of cloud products where customers don’t pay anything for implementation or support services. Navatar provides all implementation services, accounts/contacts migration, training, maintenance and premium support for these solutions free of charge.

Navatar Corporate Development CRM enables firms to:

  • Identify companies to monitor
  • Track due diligence for each company being evaluated
  • Track external advisors involved in the deal
  • Provide users ability to perform multiple reviews on the same target
  • Build intermediary relationships
  • Monitor evaluation / deal progress

“We are very excited that corporations worldwide are choosing Navatar’s cloud service so they don’t have to hire IT staff or consultants or invest in hardware/software,” said Ketan Khandkar, Principal, Navatar Group.

About Navatar

Navatar (@navatargroup) is the premier platform for alternative assets and investment banking firms. It is used by hundreds of private equity funds, M&A boutiques, hedge funds, real estate funds, venture capital firms, corporate development groups, wealth managers, private placement and other financial services companies. Navatar’s platform transforms the front office – marketing, investor relations, business development, deal management, deal execution, among other functions. Navatar is built on the Salesforce Platform, leveraging enterprise level security, availability, compliance and mobility capabilities that are critical to financial services.

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