Navatar Introduces VAX: New Way to Help Financial Advisors Manage Investor “Volatility Anxiety”

Navatar (@navatargroup) one of the world’s leading growth platforms for asset management, investment banking and wealth management, today announced the launch of VAX, a rating system that helps wealth advisors better manage the anxiety clients experience during volatile markets.

“With the sharp declines in equity markets around the world this week, many of our wealth management clients found themselves fielding large call volumes from jittery clients,” said Alok Misra, CEO of Navatar Group.  “To be more effective in protecting investors from over-reacting, advisors needed a rapid response tool that enables them to proactively communicate to clients based on the level of anxiety they have experienced in the past.”

The Navatar VAX Rating gives advisors and staff a simple but effective way to capture and manage the real world, real-time anxiety levels of each client. Clients are rated as “highly anxious”, “somewhat anxious”, “somewhat resilient”, or “very resilient” to market volatility events.  The VAX rating is different from other types of tools in that it provides a new way to capture a client’s real-world reactivity to volatile market events based on observed behaviors and discussions during past events.

“Advisors have very effective ways to assess a client’s appetite for risk, but these tools aren’t fully based on real-world behaviors,” notes Mr. Misra.  “How a client reacts to market volatility can also change as life circumstances change, so it’s important for advisors to have more tools in their toolkit to capture and manage client emotional states.  This is one key to better managing the relationship.”

In practice the tool enables the advisor to segment the client base and personalize communications based on how reactive and fearful they are to market downturns.  For clients who have exhibited high levels of anxiety, an advisor might reach out early and often during volatile events.  For clients who have demonstrated that they are very resilient during downturns, aggressive calling or emails might produce anxiety when previously there was none.

Advisors can customize the VAX rating system to capture different kinds of events or specific market drops in equities, fixed income and other markets.   They can also segment clients on additional factors, such as AUM, years-to-retirement, or life situations such as saving for college or starting a business.

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