Navatar Launches Limited Partner (LP) Investment Platform for Institutional Investors

Navatar, the connected growth platform for alternative assets firms, launched a first of its kind investment platform built specifically to help limited partners evaluate investment opportunities and manage their investments across funds.

Navatar Limited Partner Cloud is designed for large institutional investors, endowments, family offices, fund of fund managers, high net-worth individuals, consultants and advisors. The product helps LPs manage investments across multiple asset classes such as private equity, hedge fund, PERE, debt, infrastructure and venture capital.

A high number of interested LPs recently attended a webinar on the Limited Partner platform.

“With the vast array of investment products competing for their attention, investors have more leverage than ever,” says Ketan Khandkar, chief operating officer at Navatar. “Now, they can use a state-of-the-art toolset to perform due-diligence on these investment opportunities as well as monitor their investments closely.”

Navatar understands the challenges that LPs face due to their work with hundreds of GPs who use the Navatar Private Equity platform to manage LPs. The Navatar LP platform incorporates those learnings to help manage the complexity in LP portfolios related to co-investments, direct investments and more complex, niche fund strategies.

“Until now, LPs had to rely on disparate limited systems like Excel and Outlook to track hundreds, if not thousands, of fund opportunities, manage stuffed rolodexes and generate time-intensive investment reports,” says Khandkar. “While research shows a growing percentage of family offices, endowments and other institutional investors exploring integrated platforms to reduce administrative costs, they are discovering the products have been built with a different consumer in mind, and so do not correspond well with internal work flow streams.”

The Navatar LP platform provides investors a centralized system for tracking investment activity by asset class and strategy. The platform also integrates online document management, third party data such as Preqin and email applications including Outlook and Gmail, creating for a seamless, collaborative LP work experience.

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