Navatar to Unveil Business Development 2.0 to Showcase How M&A Dealmakers Find Clients in the Digital Age

New technology is alleviating an old pain point for dealmakers: how to simultaneously nurture hundreds, if not thousands, of prospects through the long sales cycle without losing sight of where their next deal is coming from.

Navatar will showcase the platform that top dealmakers use to implement sophisticated communication plans involving multi-channel marketing campaigns in an upcoming ACG Middle Market Insights Webinar. The platform integrates tools like third-party databases, email marketing, roadshows and in-person meetings to create a comprehensive outreach strategy.

The complimentary webinar will be held Thursday, October 18th at 2pm EDT. Registration is available at:

You will learn how campaigns are tracked and measured alongside all other touchpoints to gain a richer picture into each prospect’s relationship with the firm. Dealmakers struggling to identify which of the thousands of prospects in their contact database to reach for Friday lunch stand to benefit the most under the new business development model.

Featured on the webinar will be Beth Seidler, a Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Clearsight Advisors, an investment banking advisory firm.

“Strong business development efforts in the M&A sector continue to be an integral component to effective growth,” Seidler said in remarks ahead of the broadcast, adding that “for Clearsight Advisors, being able to take advantage of the latest automation and intelligence tools for tracking prospects and growing business is a critical competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.”

“It remains true that the best way to win clients is through careful relationship nurturing measured in a timespan of years – the difference maker today is how technology spotlights which prospects are in need of your attention, and which are ready to strike a new deal,” added Navatar Chief Operating Officer and webinar co-presenter Ketan Khandkar.


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