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Webinar: The ‘Networking Wall’ Costing M&A Bankers Deals

December 5th, 2019, 1pm EDT (6pm GMT)

If the right business development data bridges you to new deals, insufficient data blocks you from them. This “Networking Wall” prevents you from seeing which events, referral sources, and prospects represent your best opportunities. The result is millions in potential lost revenue.

In this webinar, Navatar will show how to gain a 360 view of your business relationships, and unveil how the world’s most advanced M&A firms are taking a data-driven approach to their business development to uncover new sources of deal flow.

We will cover:

  • Tracking lawyers, advisors and other referral sources for more deal flow
  • How to find the networking events with the highest ‘prospect density’
  • Leveraging a watchlist ‘scorecard’ to prioritize key prospects
  • How AI focuses your attention on business development priorities

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