How Cloud Computing & are Setting New Rules for Private Equity

With a more competitive private equity environment, it’s often challenging for smaller firms to match the resources and reach of larger firms. Whether it’s getting the right deal flow, building better LP relationships or managing portfolio companies, smaller firms have had to work much harder.

However, this is changing – cloud computing and social media are leveling the playing field. In this webinar, Martin Stein of Blackford Capital, a private equity pioneer, outlines how smaller private equity firms are becoming equally important players in the private marketplace.

In this live session with Navatar Principal Ketan Khandkar, Martin explores the answers to these important questions:

  • What smaller firms need to do to differentiate themselves in today’s markets?
  • How cloud computing and social media will transform intermediary/LP relationships and deal flow?
  • How cloud computing is providing competitive advantage as well as eliminating IT costs?