Data Analytics and Technology is Reshaping Private Equity Deal Sourcing. Don’t Be Left Behind!

Deal Sourcing may be the most vital way to unlock better fund returns in the competitive market. To bring this into focus, innovative BD professionals and deal teams are leveraging new intelligence on intermediaries and their own pipeline data, and not just constantly “drinking from a firehose”. The result is more targeted deal flow often cut off from the competition, helping alleviate the problem of overpriced valuations.

This is the future of deal sourcing. In this complimentary webinar, Navatar and Sutton Place Strategies outline the strategies and approaches that best-in-class deal originators use to get ahead of the competition.

Topics discussed include:

  • When it comes to deal sourcing, relationships are key. How can data and technology be used to build better relationships?
  • The truth about PE deal sourcing market coverage stats and other metrics; looking behind the numbers.
  • How intelligent alerting functionality and fusing different data streams into a single platform can save time while driving better performance.
  • Tips and takeaways to evaluate your 2018 deal sourcing efforts, and how to set the stage for a successful 2019 and beyond.