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How A Smart Deal Platform Sharpens Your Dealmaking Edge

An edge in this competitive business comes from a) your industry relationships and track record and b) how your deal platform can turn information buried inside that track record into a potent weapon driving the best outcomes.

Watch this webinar to see how Navatar Edge, the smart deal platform, brings an intelligent, data-driven focus to every single step of the deal lifecycle.

We cover:

  • Business Development – Unify all marketing efforts – email campaigns, webinars, events – to identify your most engaged targets, and focus business development on key prospects.
  • Deal Execution – Execute every step of the mandate – deal prep, deal launch, teasers, CIMs, management meetings, Q&A, IOIs, LOIs, due diligence – with automated industry-centric workflows.
  • Coverage – Leverage a buyer intelligence center, pinpointing each buyer’s exact deal wants, by turning your own institutional memory into competitive intelligence

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