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Business Development 2.0. How Dealmakers Find Clients in the Digital Age

As a M&A advisor or private equity firm, it takes years, not months, to close deals and/or find your next client. To earn trust with hundreds (maybe thousands) of prospects over this timeframe, you must harmonize business development tools like third-party databases, email marketing, events, roadshows and in-person meetings.

In this webinar, Navatar shows why this means working smarter, not harder, for new business. Learn how an effective marketing game plan – including structured processes for managing different types of leads – efficiently moves prospects through the long sales cycle.

Topics discussed include:

  • Answering the question, “which prospects should I focus my time?”
  • Why business development is more critical than ever in today’s hypercompetitive M&A markets.
  • Executing multi-channel marketing campaigns based on targeted segmentation strategy.
  • Tracking and measuring “prospect readiness”.

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