Navatar 2.0. Your Deal Lifecycle Transformed.

Navatar is excited to announce our new M&A platform featuring the entire deal “prep to close” process. Below is a summary of the topics covered:

Deal Prep:
– Collaboration capability with client to create CIM, teaser, financial models, etc.
– Built-in project management capability to manage activities
– Each task integrates associated documents and versions
– Build intelligent buyer lists based on past deals captured within Navatar

Buyer Engagement:
– Capture buyer behavior, from NDA to closing, to analyze deal preferences over time
– Collaborate and track all buyer questions and answers within Navatar’s Q&A repository. Easily sync from excel
– Track all document exchanges with buyers

Business Development:
– Integrate third party data providers like PitchBook, Capital IQ and DataFox
– Integrate marketing tools like Mailchimp and Hubspot to create a holistic picture of each prospect
– Segment prospects by level of engagement, and deliver tailored marketing campaigns

Client Management:
– Keep clients engaged using state-of-the-art client portal
– Automate client reporting, including target buyer statuses and deal updates

Deal Room:
– Integrate relationship management with deal room activity
– Track all buyer behavior from one system

– Full project management and business development capabilities on your mobile
– Sign documents, access deal pipeline and collaborate with colleagues remotely