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Introducing Private Equity’s Intelligent ‘Sourcing to Closing’ Deal Lifecycle

Smart tech platforms are nowadays critical for every stage of a deal lifecycle. Origination requires intelligence and workflows to make sure you are being shown the best deals, whereas deal evaluation and due diligence require sophisticated toolsets to manage the document-intensive process and foster collaboration across internal and external teams.

Watch this webinar with ACG and Navatar, where we will outline how to make each stage of the ‘source to close’ lifecycle more intelligent, leading to higher quality deals and more efficient execution.

Topics discussed include:

  • How to identify intermediaries that provide quality deal flow
  • How to find deals you were never shown but your competitors were
  • How to institutionalize your deal sourcing engine
  • How to simplify your internal deal evaluation process
  • How to get analysts, lawyers, advisors to collaborate during due diligence

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