Private Equity’s New Path to Off Market Deals

Sourcing attractive proprietary deals requires you to spend time building out your network – the goal is to gain an edge even before a deal comes to market. The question becomes how.

The approach remains being relationship-driven –  but equally critical now is your process framework for capturing valuable data around all types of relationships. Advisers, industry experts, lawyers, consultants, bankers, ex-CEOs, academics and others could all play a useful role for deal insights and referrals few others are seeing.

Watch this ACG and Navatar roundtable with Bain & Co, Berkshire Partners, and SPS for a discussion on strategies, tactics and technology that can enhance the quantity and quality of deals entering your funnel to learn:

  • Nurturing network of informal advisors and tracking their engagement with firms and/or deals
  • Creating alerts framework for broken deals that still haven’t closed six months later
  • Creating alerts framework for monitoring secondaries opportunities
  • Tracking C-level executives and their engagements as they move across organizations