Watch List 2.0. Deal Sourcing Revamped

Your competitors know immediately when a target opens a new office, hires a C-level executive, or reaches a new stage of growth. They place themselves at the right conferences at the right time, and can instantly review why a dealmaker who left two years ago passed on an opportunity.

This is the intelligence top buyers are using to survive in today’s hypercompetitive deal environment. Watch this webinar with Navatar and DataFox for a taste of the growing sophistication of deal origination strategies. Hear from CapX Partners’ Eric Starr and TVC Capital’s Andrew Albert on how to read target company signals to reach prospects early and at the right time.

Topics discussed include:

  • What to do when a target undergoes a ‘milestone event’
  • How to attend conferences with the most ‘prospect density’
  • Integrating relationship management with business development (now pivotal)
  • Scaling your deal origination strategy without burning cash