Today’s ever more tech-centric world is changing the game for both clients and wealth managers. And client service is one of the key areas where the battle for a client’s wallet and mindshare is being waged.

“For us, client service and advisor service processes are really the most important and the most complex pieces of what we do on a day-to-day basis,” says John Van Sant, President, Cascade. “It’s also obviously one of the most time sensitive parts of our business as well, and a huge part of our value proposition.”

When Cascade, a boutique wealth management firm managing around half a billion, recognized that they wanted to differentiate by providing a better level of service to their clients, they decided to focus on accuracy, not efficiency.  John led the charge, with the goal  for a more consistent client and advisor experience.

“Like most small mid-size firms that are in the industry, we have five key functional areas- marketing, business development, investment management, client service and advisory service.  Like most medium-sized businesses, we’re obviously limited on resources when it comes to personnel versus some of the larger firms.  So in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency most firms like us must have a fully integrated turnkey platform that integrates all of the different functional areas,” according to John.

Cascade picked Navatar One for Salesforce, as the hub for the turnkey platform, to help create connect all the functions.

The results? John Van Sant describes how Cascade built a model with consistent processes, as well as showcases exactly how key functions such client onboarding, service requests, client meetings etc, must function for an advisory firm, in this recorded webinar video.