Advisors all share the same #1 priority: their clients. There is nothing they want to avoid more than to look bad when getting in front of clients. To ensure that client review meetings run smoothly, they, along with their staff, go through numerous time consuming steps that require attention to detail. Still, this is also a process where advisors commonly experience frustration and inefficiency.

In our recent webinar (see below), we covered this topic in depth.

There are several areas where advisors and their staff commonly experience inefficiency and frustration, but arguably the costliest activity is executing client meetings efficiently and effectively.  Nine out of ten advisors, including those using Navatar One, identify the client meeting process as the activity where they want to improve efficiency.

Here’s why:

–   Advisors cannot afford to screw it up. Being disorganized or erroneous when in front of clients can create distrust, convey incompetence, and ultimately lose clients.

–   There are often many tasks and detailed steps involved, often involving several people and multiple systems, which requires tight coordination and communication.

–   The average practice services 200-300 households. This equates to executing hundreds of meetings per year, which – when combined with the numerous tasks and required accuracy and attention to detail — results in the execution of client meetings being the highest percentage of staff consumption on an annual basis.

–   The frequency by which other activities are performed often pale in comparison. (Hint: compare how many meetings you had last year with how many new clients you on-boarded or how many service requests you handled.)

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