In a recent Webinar, the Exit, LLC Team  warns Don’t Lose the Deal – Proprietary Psychology is Different.  Exit, LLC is speaking to 800-900 founder owned businesses a month and is focused on finding new opportunities for their strategic buyers and private equity firms.

Their first tip is that you talk dramatically differently to a business owner than you would to an M&A firm.  Sure, you are eager to get answers but watch out, if the conversation starts sounding like an interrogation, you could irate your target and lose the deal.

Some of the things you will hear in the webinar are how to make the right first impression and how to figure out the best time to approach your target company.  They also have a lot to say about creating an origination strategy with the discipline and metrics you need to build a large pipeline and gaining more high quality opportunities.

Watch: Don’t Lose the Deal – Proprietary Psychology is Different