We’ve designed our private equity software to combine the best of both worlds – dealmakers can enter data using Excel or our Excel-like interface, which is synced to our CRM. Here’s a quick look:

1. Keep using Excel – No need to change your current workflow. Keep using Excel to track and edit your Monday morning deal pipeline. Just use the Navatar plugin to push updates into our CRM, so any changes you make in Excel are reflected on the corresponding deal records.

Navatar Excel Plugin

2. Use Navatar’s native Excel functionality – Review your pipeline report within Navatar, and edit just as you would in Excel. All updates are reflected on the corresponding deal page.

Navatar native Excel functionality

3. Simplify bulk-editing across your deal pipeline – Filter across any category and apply mass actions as you would in Excel.

Bulk CRM Editing

4. Easily configure your pipeline report – Use our drag and drop functionality to create dynamic reports or dashboards. You can also set up automated report delivery to members of your team and specify the cadence.

Flexible CRM Reporting

This is just one of many ways we have made our platform intuitive and user friendly.  Our other popular features include managing and creating deals directly from Outlook, the ability to tag a deal to multiple entities, and integrated document management.  Feel free to reach out to me at  ccao@navatargroup.com for more details.